Hi Guys,

Having a slight technical issue.
Whenever I plug my guitar in for the first time of the day, the Active EMG bridge pickup works fine straight away, no problems. But the first time I switch to the neck pickup (which is also an active EMG), the sound and tone are crap, like i've got the volume knob of the guitar lower (there's only one volume knob on the guitar, and it is turned all the way up).
But, if I then switch back to bridge and then back again to neck, everything's fine! Seems weird that the neck pickup needs a minute to wake up, but ones I flick between I don't get any issue again until the next day :S.

Could it be the pickup selector itself? My friend had a guitar that did similar things and it turned out to be his PU switch. Only difference is that his PU's weren't active.
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Hmm, maybe. Hadn't thought about that. Would make sense really because like I say, after one flick of the switch, everything is fine with the pickups