Alright, ive got my RP255 pedal, line 6 spider amp (yeah yeah i know, im getting a new amp soon), and my Ibanez RG7321 7-String. and I was wondering what should i set my amp settings to? that way when the sound comes from the pedal and into the amp, the presets that I've made come through like they should?? I've tried setting my amp to a clean setting and that worked for the most part, but it still didnt sound too good. and i also tried setting it to a distorted setting and it sound even worse lol.
if you want just pure sound from the pedal you can try plugging it into the auxiliary input of the amp. seems like it work. (i think spiders have an auxillary not 100% though)
my stuff:
schecter c-1+
ibanez rg3exfm1
schecter avenger 7-string with emgs
esp/ltd mh-50
peavey 6505+ 112 combo
tc electronic polytune
way huge green rhino
mxr micro flange
mxr smart gate
dunlop crybaby
they do, but im afraid i dont have a cord that goes to the auxiliary. the rp255 doesnt even come with a usb cord that goes to a computer. i had to use one of the cords from an unused printer.