Do we use the left or right speaker or both? Do you use the center of the speaker? How close to the grill do you get the mic to? For using multiple positions of micing like rear and center do you use two condenser mics?
Also how do you get a room set up for recording? and what are some tips for eqing the guitar on the amp and on the recording program?
Use your ears.

Experiment and see what sounds best.

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thats mostly up to you. as far as speaker selection, get up close for a short amount of time (like..really short) and see which speaker you prefer. the distance from the grill certainly affects the tone, and how much room sound you want. micing the center of the speaker often yields the brightest sound, especially when on axis. moving outwards usually warms/dulls the sound.
no you can use any two mics for different positions, so long as they are phase aligned (you'll hear parts of the tone get cancelled out if they are not)

if you're close micing the cabinet, you shouldnt have to do anything special to your room. if you're using a room mic, make sure theres nothing around that will vibrate or ruin the take. check which parts of your room sound pleasing.
as EQing, thats a very vague question
what about the recording program?
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whichever one gives you what you want. mic placement is EVERYTHING here. if it's recorded well you may not have to do anything to it in the final mixdown
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