Hello all,

Today I noticed my low-e string was very very close to the fretboard on the first 2 or 3 frets. How can this be ?
When I play a chord, it's like there's no string under my finger, I can barely feel it!

I checked if my nut was cracked, but I see no visible mark. I don't undestand how my nut could have got that low overnight ? The other strings seem OK.

The nut is a good quality bone nut I bought on ebay, and has been properly filled by a pro about more than a year ago. It's the first time I have a problem like this...

Is my nut simply "worn out" ? Should I buy a new one?

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I would take a look at the neck.Is this on an acoustic or electric?Acoustics can be affected by temperature/humidity changes more than electrics.
It's on a les paul. I indeed have my radiator turned on during the day and off at night...

The guitar was setup by a pro in july.
Your bridge hasn't dropped has it? Seen that happen before on a LP.
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