"Cat Foot Squiggle Owl Owl Squiggle Cat Squiggle Servant."

- Akhenaton talks Egyptian culture

I am Basti the-two-dimensional-skirt-wearing-slightly-brown peasant from the Giza district (the one with the sand, yeah, that one) and I invite you all to step inside and bask in the wonders of the greatest civil- dude, take your sandals off please - the greatest civilisation the world has ever seen! BEHOLD

Discuss. And ladies, i hope you buttered your hair
When do we play children's card games then?

The content of this signature is pretty much irrelevant

      ◂◂  ►  ▐ ▌  ◼  ▸▸

Haters gonna hate
Ra bless, finally fellow people of the suns and sand have came.

Part with your truth, was the last you saw of our homeland the moments before resting your back against a certain stone of the pyramid?
I walk the line between fantasy and reality. One is more fun, the other is where the food is.
I am Enkidu, created from the man known as Shamhat.

Tremble before me and all of my majesty!

Also, quit stepping on my foot...not cool, "bro".
Yeah, uh-huh...that's what they all say.