Hey guys I'm doing a bit of market research for a potential online business.

Would you guys buy a personalised (with your design) guitar strap.

If so how much would you be willing to pay?

Also would you use personalised plectrums as band merch/ promotional gear?

How much would you pay for 100 personalised picks?

Please give me some honest feedback as i've been thinking about it for a while!

Cheers Dan
I would personally love to have personallised straps. The question is whether I can afford them. There is currently so much gear out there that i need more than straps that I've been stuck with stock straps since I got my first guitar.

For the picks, itd depend whether they're like crappy slippery Ibanez picks which only LOOK good but don't play well or whether they're like jazz III picks or tortex picks, which play well and sound great.

Id pay $40-$50 for a 100 pack

EDIT: $35 for a custom strap. I have no money.
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I'd pay $45 for a personalized strap and $40 for a 100 pack of picks. Sorry, I'm broke.
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The key is good quality.
There is absolutely no point of making a personalised strap if its going snap or feel like shit on your shoulder.
And agreed^^^, personalised jazz iii picks would be awesome even though they're a little small.
I would probably pay up to £20-£25 depending on the quality of the strap and of the design and for 100 picks, maybe for 100 jazz iii picks £30-£40 as they're 50p each in the uk so a little discount would be good.