After 4-5 years of playing on a Peavey Valveking, I've upgraded to this:

Tweed Fender Blues Jr. NOS

Purty aint she?

I was at guitar center, and I was originally going to buy a regular blues jr. but then a manager came up to me and said he had a NOS in the back also adding that it was 80 dollars more. Played it, fell in love, went to check out. A new employee rang me up and I looked at the receipt after I left the GC and he charged me for the Blues Jr. instead of the NOS version. So I got a free upgrade all fo free.

Still fiddling with the EQ. But so far sounds great. Love the reverb.

And just incase anyone cares, I'm playing a Gibson SG and running a Crybaby, digitech whammy, Fulltone OCD, Big Muff, and a DL4 all in that order.

Valveking CLIPS/Gear HERE
wow, nice one. Tried this out the other day and now I want one!
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