Are Vater 5B American Hickory sticks good for learning with? Will they last long?

I'm new to drumming and would love to get an opinion on these sticks.

Also, before anyone asks, I use my school's drum kit because I don't have the space or money to have a kit at home. Also, guitar is my main instrument and I intend on learning the drums casually.


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Most drummers start on 5A's (Atleast over here in the UK), but whatever is really comfortable to you. As you practice more you'll notice that you can't play as efficiently with your sticks so you'll end up going out and finding a pair that feels better and easier to play with.

But most sticks will last long if you don't slam through your cymbals. Though a point I should make (And one I've only recently started noticing) is when the tip of your stick starts to chip and wear out, replace them because they will make your cymbals sound dull.
But yeah, most sticks will last long enough unless you're John Fred Young (Drummer of Black Stone Cherry) and go through about 10 pairs a gig/concert.
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Any stick's fine starting off, really... I used Vic Firth Gregg Bissonette signatures since those were just what I had, which are pretty beefy. I would be surprised if you had any problems with them breaking, because actually breaking a stick is pretty uncommon unless you have bad technique or play rimshots like mad, I usually just replace them whenever the ones I'm using are especially beat up and I can afford to do so.
Those should be fine.

Sticks will last a long time, if your cymbals are setup properly and you're hitting them at a glancing blow, instead of slicing them at the edge.

I used to break sticks like mad before and I don't really hit that hard, since I changed my cymbal positions to work more ergonomically for me, lowering/raising them to the appropriate height, I haven't broken a stick in over a year. In fact, the pair of sticks I've been using since then only show a small amount of wear.
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Vaters are awesome! I made the switch from Zildjian sticks becasue they break so easy. I started learning on some Tre cool signature sticks which are some of the biggest sticks you can get. But go to a store and pick up a few pairs and see which ones feel good to you if you can't do this then I say go for some 5a's I used to love the Zildjian super 5a's but I went through to many and the vaters were a little on the heavy side for me . I play the 7a manhatten and it's an awesome stick.

My advice is pick up a few and see which ones you like best and also try the 5a's they are pretty much the standard stick. Good Luck
To me, sticks are sticks. I personally reccomend the Vic Firth 5B's. I had those for over 3 years and finally had to put them to rest because of a chip in the tip.

I will, however, say that if you are looking for rebound not as much as sound, Travis Barker signatures (Zildjian), believe it or not, ar pretty decent.
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I learned with Pro Mark 5A's but I grew to love Vic Firth 5B's now that I've played for a while. They're the perfect amount of beefiness for me, and they dont fly outta my hands as much as the 5A's did.

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Thanks for the opinions and tips, guys. Is there much of a difference between 5As and 5Bs?


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Here's a really good guide. I've been playing for over 15 years. I've played every size and shape imaginable, the last 8 years I've been using Vic Firth 5AN. I play metal, you don't need huge fat sticks, just ones that fit.
I love all 5 (sold a couple) of my Carvin X-100b's.
I suggest the pro-mark Neil peart sticks. They are light and durrable.
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^I was just about to suggest the Pro-Mark Neil Perts. They're my favorite stick for a kit (not that I can play a kit >> I'm a marching snare player who uses Pro-Mark Dennis Delucias)

But basically, watch your technique to avoid breaking sticks so that your other musician's won't make jokes about you just going through them like socks. Find some that fit. I got a pair of Pro-Mark 7A's for like $2.25 a while back and they were awesome.
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I learned on some off brand 7a sticks, but now I will only use Pro Mark 5b unless I have absolutely no other choice.
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I just got a pair of Greg Hutchinson's drumsticks by Zildjian. The are ok I guess, I also been looking for some Neil Peart's Pro-mark sticks but no luck there...
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Quote by Woffelz
Thanks for the opinions and tips, guys. Is there much of a difference between 5As and 5Bs?
It's not a huge difference, like 5A to say... 2B, but it's noticeable, yeah. The exact dimensions vary depending on the manufacturer, though.

Also, for the record I like the Vic Firth American Classic Metal. Pretty much my favorite stick right there.