Alkaline 64,
Nice guitar riffs! Vocals are good too. All melodies are very good! You already mentioned that the audio quality could be better, so I won't belabor that. Whenever you get the chance to do a better recording (preferably with some drums & bass, in my opinion), that would be cool. Very nice song. Please review my music at this newer link:

Where's your face?

Its a pretty cool piece of music, there are a couple of places during the chorus where I wish you had a quick progression in there just to break it up and add some interest.

The vocals are pretty good, I wish you had a bit more grit or power in them, or a bit more range, but they're solid as-is. The riffs are solid, and I guess that you left space for a solo without actually giving one because it was just you? I'd love to hear this as a full-band arrangement.

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Thanks guys, crit'd back.

L2112if, I don't have a face. Just a neck, and a chin every so often :p;
and you're pretty much spot on with the solo thing. He'll be playing the lead bits at the start as well as hopefully a stonkin' solo where the chords change!
This is pretty cool, better recording gear and full drums/bass backing would light this up.
good stuff man I can't fault the palying side of it at all.
Great tune - I think vocals are perfect and guitar great - would be cool to try the song with a band, some bluesy drumming could add a lot I think. Reminds me a bit of that song summertime and the weather is ..... etc. (don't know what its called) mixed with jack johnson but not so sugery sweet - all good.

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The vocals sort of remind me of Portugal. The Man, in a very good way. Great bluesy guitar playing without sounding too cheesy/overdone. I'd really like to hear a full band version of this. It got a bit repetitive by the end, I'd try either shortening it up or adding more variation. After a certain point you're just giving us the same idea over and over again.
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