I've been pissing around with tons of software, and every possible logical audio configuration for OVER THREE HOURS NOW.
I have : An X-fi music internal soundcard (but lets ignore that one for now)
A USB soundcard
And a shit ton of software

All I want to do : USE A GUITAR VST plugin. No matter what software I use I get no input whatsover from either guitar rig or amplitube. Please note, however, that when I use the guitar software as a standalone product with the same ASIO4ALL settings, everything works fine.
Let's pretend I'm completely alien/stupid to this whole recording business and go back to basics... Can someone please help tell me step by step what to do?

This is what I have done:
1) Configure program (adobe audition/Reaper etc etc) to use ASIO4ALL with my soundcard
2) Make sure the input/output is set correctly
3) Create new session
4) Add amplitube/guitar rig via VST into effect rack + press record.
5) Nothing happens, no sound. Silence is recording, or if I'm lucky just the raw input with no FX added.
6) Faceplant my desk

(repeat steps 5 and 6 as necessary) What am I missing?
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Plug in guitar!

Sounds like you just need to monitor whatever track you've got armed for recording with the plug in on it.
Let's party.
Quote by NeptuneUK
Enable monitoring! Yes that's a good start. The thing is it doesn't show any input in the VST.

Set the input on the track you're arming to record. Also turn down your dry in on your mixer interface
Yeah I've set the input track just fine and everything. When I hit record I just get the raw input. Changing wet/dry has no effect :S
I must be doing this COMPLETELY WRONG.
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Make sure Audition/Reaper is the only program that has any capability of making any noise
(Close all other programs)
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Ok right.. I've completely noobed out.
I can record the raw input seperately THEN run it through the VST, but can't seem to find a way to monitor directly. I think Im using the DAW wrong or something... The stupid thing about this is, that I was able to do everything just fine like 5 years ago....
I can't exactly 'record blind' so to speak. I need to hear what I'm playing.
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It is working now!
I'm not sure how I fixed it but I changing options in WINDOWS and then changed them back to the proper settings (changed default device to something else and then back)
So it was Windows 7 that was causing me all this grief.... Beware!