your music isn't that good and you'll never make any money. Learn more music theory and play more solos.
I was actually thinking we should have more solos, but everyone has told me that no one wants to hear solos nowadays. Are you sure that's how to make the money? I don't hear ANY guitar solos on popular radio nowadays.. Seems like overusing the guitar solo is a good way to.. NOT make money, believe it or not. So I'm confused. What are you basing your opinion on?
Yeah we know, but we dunno what suits us best because we can do all of it and we get a really good response doing all of it at our live shows.
I personally like the first one the best! All of them were great, though. I'm sure you'll succeed no matter which style you pick.
If you're playing music to get attention then you're forgetting the purpose of music
Thanks a bunch! So you guys think picking one style is definitely the best way to go?
U can always try to blend the styles together to create a bit more unique sound. I dont think u should have different genres on different songs though.
Okay thanks for the advice! Having multiple lead singers like that isn't too weird, is it?