I plan on getting an ISP Technologies Decimator Noise Reduction Pedal soon and I already use a distortion pedal. I don't wanna have to get another battery adapter thing cause they're too bulky and it's not worth the expenses for another.

Can someone recommend a (preferably cheap) pedal board for holding my pedals? And like one of those cord things that can plug into multiple pedals power adapters at once? and do I even need the board, or can I just buy the multi power adapter cord thing alone? Hopefully that isn't confusing, I know what I'm talking about it's just hard to describe lol.
just get the one spot.


i have one hooked up to 4 pedals and i get no interference or noise.
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You can make your own out of lumber and whatnot. Just go to Lowes or Home Depot, get some velcro, some wood, some wood screws, and some spray paint if you really want it to be colored.
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The SKB was basically exactly what I'm looking for, except that now that I think about it I really doubt I'm gonna need so many pedals so for $100 it's a good deal, but not for someone with two pedals (me).

The Visual Sound Multi-Plug 8 Cable for 1 SPOT is also exactly what I was looking for lol. Only one question: Does it require the 1 SPOT power adapter as well or can I plug it into the one I currently use?

EDIT: For now, best bet for pedal board is making one out of wood (thanks for the idea poster!) Still need to know about the Visual Sound Multi-Plug 8 Cable for 1 SPOT.
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I swear by Gator cases. I have one of these and I love it. I also have the non powered version, which you could use with a One Spot, but it'd come out to around the same price, and the powered version is neater/nicer looking.
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