I actually work around 20 hours on the weekend because I work part-time and am a full-time university student. I would probably work more if I allowed them to book me in more however it'd affect my school work and work just pisses me off during the week. Weekends are chill.

So I have no idea what feeling you're talking about, I usually love to just veg out in front of a TV after work.
every day is the weekend for me. I don't have any money though.
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I'm personally always going "I hope some awesome event comes up soon (maybe this weekend?) that I'll get invited to".

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i have no idea what youre on about TS, but anyways. i work a scheduled 48 hours a week. sometimes more.

you work for the weekend. i dont particularly hate my job, nor do i love it. its just a job. i can take pride in it and there are incentives for me to try and excel. if you dont work for the weekend, you are a rare exception.

get used to it. its called work and its called life. i always have more fun getting pissed on the weekends with friends than i do while working. this doesnt seem shocking to me.
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