How do i repair my electric guitar?
when i plug my amp into my guitar and try to play the guitar no sound comes out i don't know if it is the amp that doesn't or the guitar how do i fix it
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If by any chance you're not an adbot: check batteries (if active pups), check if cable is working, check if the amp/guitar volume is turned up, check jacks on amp and guitar....and that's about all I can think of.
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Find someone else with some gear and try your guitar into thier amp,thier guitar into your amp,you get the idea.That will narrow down the problem.When you figure that out come back with more info for us.thanks.
unscrew the thing (where you put the cable in your guitar), and see if the wires are touching the metal. the wires might be loose. if it is, you can easily solder them. hope this helps