About how similar the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Led Zeppelin actually are?

Alright, bear with me for a second.

Let's forget about each band's sound and focus on group members.

In terms of talent, Flea and Froosh are around the same level as JPJ and Page (imo), and each duo contributes about the same amount as the other respective duo towards their band's overall sound in terms of depth and other creative aspects.

If you look at their guitarists specifically, you can clearly see that while Page and Frusciante aren't the most technically proficient players of their genre... they are damn good at what they do and both have a certain swagger about them.

Page was also a genius when it came to production and sound. I feel like Frusciante has proven his intelligence and ability when it comes to their area of music. This is prevalent and obvious in RHCP's later albums and his solo work.

Flea and JPJ are both multi- instrumentalists and have some funk in them. They both also enjoy playing in different musical environments. (Flea reportedly appeared on 40 albums between 1995 and 1998), (JPJ in Them Crooked Vultures, Butthole Surfers and Foo Fighters.)

John Bonham definitely had the edge over Chad Smith in terms of ability, but in terms of what they contributed to each song, both drummers developed a distinct sound that can be found in many songs in each band's discography. Albeit, I feel that Bonham also had a greater ability to be creative and take risks behind the snare, and that certainly separates him from Smith in terms of ability.

Now, the frontmen. Keidis has often been criticized for not having enough range (which is true), but he certainly makes up for it in terms of dynamics. Robert Plant had him beat in both categories when he was in his prime. I feel that while both artists have a different writing style and approach to singing in general, they do share certain similarities.

RHCP's vocalist doesn't command every song with his charisma. Plant dominates certain tracks and knows exactly where to make his presence known in others. I feel like Keidis does a good job of emulating those two aspects.

Each band's formation and background of the musicians are pretty different as well.

So maybe they're not so similar, but that was fun. Right?

Comments and arguments commence!
you forgot the fact that both bands are probably two of the greatest rock bands that can improvise well. they just go on stage and could jam for ages and thats wh i love rhcp and zep
ye they've had a total of 16 members i think...although tbh out of the main four froosh was always the one who was most likely to quit.