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My uncles stepson, well really it's his daughters kid, but he raised him just the same, being that he is the Daddy as well. The kid was born with an extra finger or two on each hand and can jam pretty hard.
Mike Dirnt. He inspired me to play bass.

Also, Mark Hoppus, just because he's a cool dude.
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Currently it is Jeroen Paul Thesseling (Obscura) but I've always liked Jason Wisdom(Becoming The Archetype) as well.
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Scott Reeder, his stuff from Kyuss and his solo album is pretty impressive.
Plus he's a dude.
Chris Wolsthenholme. And Colin Greenwood.
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Nikki Sixx. Not the most technically proficient bassist out there, but his lyrics and songwriting in general are amazing.
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Who tells the story
Antti Remes and Tom Angelripper
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The Mudvayne bassist is Ryan Martinie.
His sound is just so amazing.


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Chris Gearing. The Chris Gearing Technique is exemplary.

Les Claypool!

Also Larry Graham, he's a badass for sure

I've actually read a few articles that said Larry was the pioneer of the slap bass technique (though I'm sure there are other articles that cite other players as the pioneers). There was something in there about him playing bar gigs with his mom when he was younger and losing his ?snare? drum, so he started thumping on a bass with his thumb as an alternative.
Dustin Davidson
what kind of palm muting is best for metal?
cut off some guys hand and place it under the strings. brutal low end bro.
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Les Claypool!

can't believe it took till the 2nd page

arif from protest, frank from anthrax, and bart from black dahlia are all pretty big for me as well.
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Flea, because he once cut a hole in his thumb whilst playing slap bass.
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Chris Gearing. The Chris Gearing Technique is exemplary.


I love him so much I want to make love to him.
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Edgar Meyer. There's quite a few others in my top ten, but at present I'd give my soul to play like Edgar Meyer.
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I love him so much I want to make love to him.

The implications...

I'd have to say Jon Stockman or Colin Edwin in terms of what I'd like my playing to be like (more the former in tone), but listening to Geddy Lee, Les Claypool, John Paul Jones, John Myung, etc. never gets old.

oh, and Victor Wooten is pretty rad, too.

But mostly Entwistle
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Les Claypool and Chris Wolstenholme inspire me the most, which is sort of a weird combination.
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Roger Waters, nigga.

I know Waters, but who is this nigga person?

Chris Wolstenholme and Jack Bruce are my two biggies.
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Arif Mirabdolbaghi from Protest The Hero is the biggest influence on my playing currently. Big shout to Greg McPherson from InMe too.
Well, I personally like Cliff Burton Steve Harris can be an honorable mention.
Eh Lol
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