Hey guys so I'm gaily new to acoustic stuff but have been playing (electric) for almost 6 years.. Can anyone explain to me the differences between the ibanez AEF, AEL, and AEG? Thanx
"AEL" is their largest body, roughly equivalent to a jumbo.

"AEG" is slightly smaller and way thinner. These are sort of "lead" instruments. Conceptually, they put me a little in mind of shallow bowl Ovations.

"AEF" is between the two, and to me they look more like a dreadnaught. Or at least a cross between a dread and a jumbo.

It looks , (to me anyway), like there isn't as much pinch in the waist, as there would be with a true jumbo.
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So what would be the best for a more "high end/treble sound" where I can play some high stuff without losing the sustain?
I'm thinking the AEG series is more stage oriented. They would have a cut through the mix sting. I played a couple of chords on one, and it didn't impress me as not needing to be plugged in. They were pitching the AEGs as being feedback resistant. I read "stiffer bracing" into that, so naturally the bottom end would suffer a bit.

I suppose you could always cheat on the sustain with a touch of compression.

The bigger bodies have more natural thud. I'm guessing you can cheat that back up with some EQ.

I have a couple of AEL bodies, but I just sit around the house and play,

Part of your choice could depend on how well you can get around the body while you're standing up playing. Something to consider. It's a lot easier to drape yourself over a 3.25" body, than a 5.00" body. At least for me, (so I sit, no need not to).
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