Hey guys, ive only been playing for about an year - and suddenly im interested in recording.

Ive been googling for days trying to understand how to go about this but I have no idea what im reading :p

All I have right now, is a mic stand, a Shure SM58 mic and a Tube MP Art series preamp.

I thought that would've been enough but the recording is terrible (poor SQ, a lot of static)

I dont know if it is because the preamp is bad, I should be recording with 2 mics, or if im not meant to be recording directly with a preamp

Right now how it works it, I play my non-electric acoustic... mic records is which is connected to preamp, and preamp to laptop via usb

What should I be looking to get, and will I have to spend more than say $300ish?
I'm assuming you're using this:


And not this:


Because the latter doesn't have a USB connection, and I'm quite confused as to how you'd connect it.

The sound should be fine from the first one, the second is not meant to be used without a separate interface. Can you post a clip of what you're hearing, because to me, it just sounds like user error.
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Perhaps, you should get an audio interface for your recording!!

It has all simulate amps, mics, cabs, etc...but many brands can give you some really good tones. You would learn a lot for the process of recording by having one. Then after you know how to record digitally, then those analog ways should be easier for you. Plus, audio interfaces are pretty cheap too
Focusrite and RME make great interfaces. Learn all you can about signal flow, processing, and how EQ really works.
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