I'm looking into getting a gretsch electromatic for use in jazz and indie rock music. I'd really like to put replace the neck pickup with a jazz humbucker so that i can use it for jazz but still have a bridge pickup for use in indie and rock. I don't really use the neck pickup much in rock except mixing the 2 pickups when playing clean. Any suggestions for a good jazz humbucker?
Well I'm actually a jazz guitar major. So I guess I have to play a lot of styles. Personally I really like Pat Metheny, Wes, Larry Coryell, etc. So I guess I go for that really smooth tone.
Seymour Duncan Jazz?

I got one in my Affinity and a Duncan Design Detonator in the bridge. Daughter used the neck for Jazz band at school and I use the bridge for garage rock. About the only song I use the neck for is Cold Cold Night (White Stripes).
seems like the pups in it would be fine for jazz. you could put some actual filtertrons it it to replace the import pups.
Save yourself some money and modding time and just put flatwound strings on it.

I have a Gretsch Electromatic 5120 and a Gretsch White Falcon. Both of them have had flatwounds on them at one time or another and I have done that for a jazzy tone. Switch to neck pickup with flats on and you have instant jazz. Flick back to the bridge pickup with flats and you rock out.

Put flatwounds on either of these and you have jazz and rock: