Do you have any tips on recording multiple guitar parts? I want to do a circa Survive cover and Ive never done videos before. Should i use the cameras mic or record separately? How do you guys get the timing right on your videos? any tips?
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Latency is a big issues with videos. Unless you have like a newer computer. I'm working on an eight year old machine so to put a video together is really difficult if I need more than one part.

What I do though is record through my digital processor. Rp150 multi-effect pedal. But what I'm getting at is if you have anything where you can plug your guitar in and then it goes line-in to your computer by way of USB then you should do that. I have a cheap logitech web cam and you can select a different audio source, so search your video recorder's preferences or whatever to find how to do that.

Like I said before, for a really minimalist set-up and an old machine it's really difficult for me. So one day I was just like: screw it. Got AUDACITY and recorded line in to that.

I've used many multi track recording programs but because of my machine they all have huuuuuuge latency issues. Surprisingly AUDACITY had none, and it totally lines up. Plus it detected my device (RP150) immediately.

That's how I go about things. I don't even deal with videos. But if you must, then good luck. But I can't really help you there.
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I do use audacicty and go line in haha although ive never worked with aligning the video and audio i guess i can just experiment
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I run my guitar through my POD and record into Reaper. I have one track of the song, and then I record my guitar over that. While I record the audio, I record the video with my camera. Once I get a solid recording, I mess around with the levels so that you can hear my guitar as well as the song, and then I mix the file down to an mp3. I also import the video to MovieMaker. Then it's just a matter of matching it all up. Sometimes it happens quickly, other times it takes a while.

There may be better ways to do it, but this definitely gets the job done.
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