Normally I hang around at T & C but I've decided I want feedback on the sonic qualities of an excerpt of a WIP. Melodia Mathematica is a mathematically composed piece of music and this is the first movement. Hopefully this piece will span many sections like Ron Jarzombek's Solitarily Speaking of Theoretical Confinement or Beyond Twilight's For The Love of Art and The Making.

Everything is performed by me with the exception of the Percussion which is programmed using Drumsite 1.7 and Pro Tools Xpand. I may end up with Superior Drummer 2.0 and The Metal Foundry this Christmas so any opinions in regards to that would be fantastic. I'm also aware of panning lead tracks hard left/right but I decided that because they're an octave apart I'll leave it as is for this movement. Otherwise feel free to be ultra critical of the mix/sonic qualities and let me know if C4C/rule is any different from T & C.

The song can be found on my profile or at my Soundcloud account.

Hope you all enjoy!