It may come as a shock to those of us with more traditional tastes, but the elusive ideal of "class" can be achieved through unusual ensembles - such as those which combine diamonds and denim. In fact, you don't have to wear purely expensive stuff to look classy. You can be creative and quirky and at the same time show sophistication.

Diamonds and denim? Seriously? Yes, indeed! It may seem a little far-fetched for the more conventional of us, but this unique combination of high society and working class fashion brings out a grand mix of glamour and grit. As a diamond symbolizes the woman's finesse and nobler aspirations, denim represents the everyday woman's readiness to get "down and dirty," and to get her dainty yet strong hands soiled, should the need arise.

The dark colors of most articles of clothing made of denim are accentuated by the light caught in the facets of diamond jewelry. And even if denim items are washed into lighter colors, the stark bright flashes of diamond only serve to enhance the lightly feminine colors upon the rough fabric. In fact you can mix and match diamonds with basically any other fabric - diamonds and silk, diamonds and lace, diamonds and satin. Just as the diamond looks good with any metal base, when it is used on Wholesale Shamballa Bracelet, the clarity inherent in the diamond ensures that it will look good with any sort of apparel.

But the diamonds and denim combination comes with a unique appeal. It brings out the dual nature of the woman: strength and delicacy, roughness and gentleness. This combination works for intense, down-to-earth women who won't compromise their style, and yet are open to displaying their more sensitive sides.

Another thing represented by denim is recumbence, the utterly casual, relaxed look. Denim, after all, is barred from most coat-and-tie establishments, and other gatherings that require tight dresses and un-flashy attire - in other words, events and places that require you to be uptight. On the other hand, diamonds are not frequently spotted in rough-and-tumble places and events, such as monster truck rallies, outdoor picnics and mosh pits. But why deny yourself the opportunity to create a pleasing blend of these two contrasting atmospheres? It is when a woman deviates from the norm that she is best able to express her individuality and creativity.

And if you don't believe me, you can always ask exquisitely fashionable creatures like Sela Ward, Alexis Bledel and Sports Illustrated model Melissa Keller. They both once attended the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in 2004, hosted by Judith Ripka and Cotton Incorporated, wearing their favorite jeans and accessorized by elegant diamond jewelry. If you wish to bring out your more unconventional "classy" side, go for diamonds and denim!
Nothing says metal like diamonds.
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