I have been busy setting up my guitar in terms of string height, i have it at a point now where i have very little string rattle/buzz i do a lot of rhythm playing and i really like getting into the groove so i pick pretty hard at times..

Now i am wondering, is this action considered to be high, medium, low?

being realistic, it doesn't matter as long as it's comfortable for you and doesn't buzz.

but it looks fairly normal, not too high and not too low (which can also cause a major headache)
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We can't tell anything from those pictures. Even a decent profile shot of the neck wouldn't tell us much, unless the action was particularly high or low. The only reliable way to check action/relief is to measure it. Instructions are in the setup sticky at the top of this forum.
TS, if you have it at a point where you are not getting buzz that transmits thru the amp,

and you can play it comfortably, then it's probably fine for you.

like said, pics are no help.

you would want post in the set up thread and
maybe mention what string and what frets seem to be the issue.

also, if the buzz transmits thru the amp.

if it turns out that there is a buzz that won't go away,
we can try measuring the neck's relief, and got from there.

to see how to do that, just click the green link in my sig
and read the first post.

good luck

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