Right so I'm in college at the moment (UK) and I'm not sure about what to do and where to go after college like I don't know whether to study something at university or try and get straight into a job in the music industry. I want to be a musician really but I would just like to be in the music industry so I don't know if the pit can help me but I've come here to ask anyway. I do music technology at college if that's any help to you.

Thanks to all the replies I get in advnace and I would like some replies just to help me out a little bit.
Why are you in college if you have no idea what you're going to do after it?
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Well as I said I want to be in the music industry you know like a musician so all I'm saying is what's the best thing to do after college, if you don't have anything helpful to say then don't say it can't be arsed with all the trolls on here.

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Why are you in college if you have no idea what you're going to do after it?

To get an education?

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Doesn't college come after you decide what you want to do?

Very rarely is that true. Most people figure out what they want to do after college during college.

And TS, the first step, if you want to be a musician, is to a) practice and b) write your own music, and c) hope that people will like it more than they would for the average YouTube cover.
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I went to college with no idea what I wanted to do.
That narrowed it down to "I want to work somewhere in the music/audio tech side of the industry". And just on that I'm going to Uni. So first 2 replies are a bit redundant.

Honestly dude, if you don't have solid connections to even get your foot in the door...then go to Uni. Try to do a 4 year SW course so you can do a year of placement and get your name somewhere. Broaden your horizons as much as possible, otherwise you just set yourself up for disappointment.
I'm applying for an audio engineering and music management 4 year course next September, my logic being that audio engineering is a fairly broad spectrum and could end up with me anywhere from film sets to studios to wedding gigs or festivals. Then if that doesn't work out, the management degree could get me into being a PR or bookings agent, or even just a studio secretary making coffee and taking calls. Anything to get a leg up, then just work sideways from there. Even if it means taking 5 steps back to being an errand boy in the studio just so I can work up to being an engineer in a few years.
Realise now, it'll take a lot of time and a shit ton of effort and you'll get very little out of it in terms of pay and progression for a good few years...if ever.
The answer to your question is simple:

Get a real job with a steady income you can rely on.
I shall grant you three wishes.

None of which will work.

Does the above post enrage, offend or confuse you?


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To the Americans who might not understand .. College in the UK is something you do usually at age like 16-18 .. not the college you're thinking of.
Collage in the UK is a tad different. You just pick four subjects, a lot of the time they are really generalist and focus on skills more than career content.

Its when you go to uni that things heat up!

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Well, there are so many options. And most people change career paths 2-3 times. So its ok to not know what you want to do yet.

IMO to be a professional musician you need to ask yourself, do you have the skills to do it? If so then maybe its worth looking into.

Lots of options if you know the right people. Start a band (the hardest), Be a studio musician, learn to record really well and be an engineer, pa/sound guy for events. Or all the above.

My friend has a studio and literally has to do all the above minus being in a band to survive.

Hes not Zuess or Rick Rubin, but he does get some clientel for recording, on weekend nights he will do live sound for local shows. In the studio he will charge for leads/composition help with some off the bands. Even has rappers come in and he will sell the the songs he wrote. Big money in that if your good and get some well known local guys in because you can charge different ways almosst like residual income.

Anyway hope this helps, dont listen to the haters. Do what makes you happy if you can do that and get by.
Sadly, even when people go to university, they still don't know what they want to do. That's why people with degrees moan that there are no jobs for them... because no one wants someone with a degree in tourism if they're not looking for jobs in tourism!

If you're smart, you figure out what you want to do first, and then do a degree that will help you get there.
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I do music technology at college if that's any help to you.

I have an A in Music Tech and i have to say, it's helped me in no way. Regular employers see it as a doss subject and the music industry dosen't work on qualifications like this. Hate to say it bud, but it won't help you. It's more about who you know.