I'm still a n00b, so well, here's my info.

Let me know if I need to add anything else.


$2300 MAX. I intend to spend less than $2300, as I'd need to sell some stuff to reach this goal, but if it's really required, I will save up to that sum of money.

I would be OK spending $1000 - $1800.


I currently play in two bands with two differente genres.

Main band: Modern hard rock, in the style of Foo Fighters. With roots in Zeppelin mainly.

Secondary band: Progressive Rock/Metal, in the style of Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree and Dream Theater.

New or Used?

Preferably new.

Home or Gig?

Both. I'd love to have a powerful sounding stack, but I'd put tone on top of loudness if I had to choose. I can run my amp through a PA system in the venues I play.

Closest City?

Buenos Aires, Argentina. Therefore, this information is absolutely useless. I want to get a general idea of what I need so as to later look for it here. (In case a stack is suggested, I can get the head purchased in the US and later buy the cabinet here)

Current Gear?

I currently play a Kramer Imperial (Explorer).

Anyhow, after upgrading my amp, I might look forward to upgrading my guitar as well. (I always upgrade amp+effects before upgrading my axe, I haven't thought of what to upgrade my guitar to yet though).

I have a Marshall MG30DFX amp and a ZOOM GFX8 pedalboard.

I will be switching my pedalboard for individual pedals, most likely.

I have been reading reviews and apparently a Vox Ac30cc2b Reconditioned Custom Classic might be a good choice I believe, but I wanted to get your feedback and information on other alternatives before going for it.

AC30 is going to be a little too soft and 'spongy' for what you're doing, I think. By thew sound of it you need a fairly tright, modern sounding amp with plenty of crunch, but a vintage edge to it.
An Orange Rockerverb 100 would be perfect, but they're extremely pricey in the states.

Check out these heads:

Splawn Quickrod / Street Rod
Carvin Legacy
Laney VH100R
Engl Screamer/Powerball
Ceriatone 2555

I'd recommend a head+2x12 setup, it's the ideal compromise.
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You'd take a Tiny Terror over a Splawn??

i have the dual terror and two splawns. get the splawn. however, they aren't too friendly with V30's, so just a heads up.
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