What is the best i can get for the cheapest amount of money, i found a MXR noise gate for 30 bucks which is a great deal so 50 or under is great if possible.
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A Boss DS-1 or MD-2 Distortion pedal is $40. (MD-2 used, DS-1 new) As for delay, I suggest a Dan Electro FAB Delay. Best $20 you'll ever spend.

I own a Boss MD-2 and my friend owns a DS-1, so I can tell you the MD-2 gets a much wider range of tones and sounds, plus buying used Boss pedals is great, since they're basically indestructible. My frind also has a Dan Electro FAB Chorus and loves it. It's sturdy and sounds likea much more expensive model. Don't be fooled by the price or that it's made of plastic. it's STURDY plastic.
joyo maybe?
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