Hi all!

I remember back when I first started learning, my guitar teacher told me to keep a diary of my practises, so that I could look back over it after a while and see how I was progressing!

This really helped me a lot and I found it was a great way of remembering what it was you were practising and how you did last time when you next come to playing.

For example, if you're trying to play a certain riff up to speed, you can practise it at slower tempos with a metronome, and then when you're done for the day, make note of what bpm you could play the riff at. Then, when you next come to play, you know exactly what bpm you achieved before, and can use that as a reference on what speed to start practising this time.

Anyways! I hope this doesn't get seen as an advert, but if it is, mods, please delete it! But anyways, I have created a website where you can keep a journal of your practises and view some graphs and stuff based on how your practises went based on certain goals.

The website is www.guitarjournal.net and I really hope some people find it useful. I've been playing for about 15 years and I find it useful to use myself!

Thanks for looking!
I'd say yes, this is advertising...however I'll let Freepower take a look too before I make a decision.
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I'd say yes, this is advertising...however I'll let Freepower take a look too before I make a decision.

Noo, if there's any doubt then please delete! I just thought it would be useful to people. I don't mean to try and steal away UG users or break the rules!
Advertising or no, at a glance I'd say it's loads more useful than some of the crap that gets posted here.
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Anyways.. pretty interesting mate, are you actually gathering statistics/planning too ?

I do this on an excel sheet everyday, but if you gather tons of data i would love to run a couple of SPSS analysis on it.

For the mods, i signed up and there is not a single google or external add, and he is not selling anything, would be cool if you let him get away with it this time
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