So yeah, just looking at some random youtube stuff, starting looking at those exoskeleton robot things developed for the military, pretty neat stuff.

pop a gander:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0qf2bV2WVk

So I was wondering, if they intend to make these suits more compact, more effective, robust and eventually a full body covering suit, what about the inside?

I was thinking if they used body climate control technology like the astronauts use; circulating cold fluid around a suit to keep them cool. All extra weight for cooling units and whatnot wouldn't really matter because the exoskeleton takes that weight.

And what if they had like an IV system. You could have IV drips hooked up to you, saline solution so you don't have to take your helmet off to drink, synthetic adrenaline shots when you need them, various medications if you get shot or seriously injured, all at the touch of button right on you. And all power being either rechargeable by various means, your own motor power, switching batteries, plugging them in, solar cells. Christ maybe even tiny radiothermal cells or something.

Essentially a completely self-sustaining sick ass halo suit. AWESOMENESS!! lol

Seriously though, would that kind of thing be even considered if these sorts of suits actually get used.
I'm sure they're a ridiculous amount of money, which doesn't make them viable for the average soldier. No way the military can equip every soldier with one.
They can't even equip them with weapons!
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Well, more important issues put aside (global economic collapse, world hunger.... all that boring stuff), I think it's something they would most likely want to have in the far future. I mean if they can leave a soldier somewhere, knowing he is stronger, he can survive longer with minimal delays in distance travel.
Of course they are going to try to do that. There are a ton of obstacles to over come though (energy being the primary). As someone else mentioned, they would probably be too expensive to equip to most soldiers but they might do something like a special unit or something similar to how the future soldier technology is being utilized (given to squad leaders and other field officers).

Currently though, I think the plan is to use these for supply related problems like lifting material and whatnot.
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"The exoskeletons could even become autonomous"

get out


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"The exoskeletons could even become autonomous"

get out

haha lol

I was just watching terminator 1 last night.