Ya that was actually a fairly decent show for a while. Pretty neat, about the whole lying and deception thing with the eyes and facial moves and stuff, he actually kind of brings to a new level.

I'm just having so much trouble being able to watch these shows anymore. Lie to me I guess is ok, the acting isn't terrible but noticeable. But shows like CSI, which has to be the worst. Even Flashpoint, I really liked that show, I was super into it but the acting is so god damn noticeable I can't stand watching it anymore. I've been watching Da Vinci's inquest, it's kind of old, and a little low budget, but the guy who plays Da Vinci is a natural, you can barely tell he's acting most of the time and the scripts are so much more real and natural you know? Some people actually cough sometimes in the middle of a sentence like normal people would, people don't have that fake jodie foster (in silence of the lambs) stare like they always when they're scared or telling about scary event. There's that new show called Endgame, where the guy has this cinema-like ability to replay crimes in front of his eyes in his imagination and see the whole logistics of it through chessboards tactics. Ugh, I can't stand it. The whole focal point to which the show circulates on is just so unrealistic, and even if it would be purposely fictive, it just wouldn't pass. And the acting is the equivalent of my 5th grade crocodile project presentation with the paper in front of my face.

I'm really getting tired of this hollywood fakeness.
I liked it initially but I am tired of tv writers blowing characters traits out of proportion based on audience reaction. What, you like that hes a bit eccentric in season one? Ok, we will make him batshit insane in season 2!

flawed and quirky characters are interesting. Caricatures are not.
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hell yeah, and i think you can find it very usefull

That's interesting, because it's bullshit.


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Look at House, great show in my opinion. It gets a little repetitive. The acting is sometimes quite good yet sometimes it just goes belly up, especially with Cuddy when she gets more emotional and House's like best friend or whatever, I forget his name, when he gets closer to House and sort of tries to be more emotional to help him it just comes out terrible.
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I agree the acting isn't the best but it is good and I like the cast they choose and the stories. Yes I hate csi type shows i understand how you feel

CSI Miami is pretty much what squeezed the trigger and blew their brains out in my opinion. You can tell Dave Caruso just does this for the money and the attempt at a career revival.
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I find it's a bit dumb at times. Look to left while talking to someone and you're immediately lying.
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Its not bad, not great but ok.
I like Tim Roth, even though his character has gone a bit ott as the series has gone on.

That said, honestly I mainly just watch it for:

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