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Archetype 1
4 5%
Archetype 2
33 42%
Archetype 3
16 21%
Archetype 4
12 15%
Archetype 5
13 17%
Voters: 78.
So, you're watching a movie/show and the characters are as follows:

1. The confident, good guy/girl character that isn't incredibly smart, but not dumb either

2. The nerdy character who is socially awkward and sometimes may be rude, but has good intentions

3. The gruff, arrogant character with a complicated/sad backstory

4. The social, happy character that maintains group cohesiveness

5. The anti-hero (ends justify the means kind of character)

Which one of these archetypes do you most identify with/gravitate towards?
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Can you be a mix? maybe 1 and 3. Or just 3 if i can only choose one.
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I'm a ratio of about 70% 2, 30% 5.
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Does the above post enrage, offend or confuse you?


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1 and 4

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Can you be a mix? maybe 1 and 3. Or just 3 if i can only choose one.

1 and 3 are pretty opposite...
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I'm definitely a Samantha.
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because there are only five character archetypes

Because I said there are only 5
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Number 3 and number 5.
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Somewhere between #2 and #5. I am the first part of #2, but I have an "anti-hero" character in the sense that I am prepared to break or disregard rules in order to reach a goal if I feel I need to.
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5 all the way.
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None of the above. I'm notably intelligent yet not socially awkward. Imagine that guy you know that is a party animal yet sharp as a tack. Yeah.
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40% 2
30% 3
30% 5
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