Testing some new recording and mixing software.
First proper recording in a long time.
I'd say it sounds kinda like industrial mixed with drone rock or something. Not musically impressive but I recorded this while learning how to use the new software (that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it)
Thoughts would be welcome. Timed soundcloud comments would be fab.

edit: Updated to final version
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Very nice. I'm no pro, but that sounded great. I like how that solo-like part came in at about 1:40. You should be proud that this is your first recording on the software!
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Really nice man. The sound quality and mix is superb, and sweet reverb. Also I can here some tasty riffs under all those beats... you've done well with this, it's quite impressive musically. Don't put yourself down. If it was beefed up with a bit more length and depth with maybe some scratchy low-fi vocals, it'd be the kind of music I get really excited about. Honestly I think it's solid.