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I've done it, and was disappointed.
10 8%
I've done it, and was glad I did.
67 56%
Haven't, but would like to.
7 6%
I like lemons.
36 30%
Voters: 120.
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So, I felt like making a pointless thread. Recently my computer died, and I lost my library. Due to my love of finding new music, I decided to buy a couple of CD's based on one of the guys in HMV's recommendations (I had talked to him before). He told me to get Venom's new album and Sigur Ros's INNI, and I was pleasantly surprised.

So, Pit, have you ever bought an album not having a clue what they sounded like, based on someone elses recommendation? I'm pretty open to music so it'd be unlikely I wouldn't like them, but have you ever done this? If not, you should give it a go before you buy your next CD
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continuum by john mayer. heard gravity and thought he was awesome, and some of the songs on that album are even more pleasant after i blindingly bought it.
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I did it with Merriweather Post Pavilion by Animal Collective as per request by crazy8rgood. Which turned out to be crazy influential for my musical tastes.
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No, I always listen to an album or at least a few songs from the album before I buy.
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I did it with Merriweather Post Pavilion as per request by crazy8rgood. Which turned out to be crazy influential for my musical tastes.

Actually, I remember buying MPP without knowing what it was like, but I just saw it mentioned a lot, and I liked the cover.

So, mostly yes's here. I thought fewer people would've done it.
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who pays five hundred fucking dollars for a burger
I buy albums after listening to one or two songs. I usually use youtube or something get gauge whether it's worth a purchase.

Still prefer to buy CD's rather than MP3
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I bought the Melvins album Stoner Witch without knowing any songs on it. I am currently a huge Melvins fan with quite a bit of their CDs. Same thing with Opeth. I bought Ghost Reveries because I always read people praising them on here and I love them now.
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Several times. I trust my friends' musical tastes.

Porcupine Tree- FoaBP
Jesu- Conqueror (Although I'd heard a number of his songs before, not the full album)
Katatonia- Viva Emptiness and Brave Murder Day.

I like pretty much all of the stuff I've bought on recommendation.
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I've... downloaded albums without hearing them before. :3
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All the time.

If I know a friend has a similar musical taste, and they say something's good, chances are I'll like it too.

This record store I used to go to all the time, had a guy that was up on everything. He knew what I liked, so he recommended "Not of this Earth", by some guy I'd never heard of, named Joe Satriani. Glad I took his advice.
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Dead throne by the Devil Wears Prada....= .... Crap
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I've bought a few albums that I found were going for really cheap just because I had a few buck left over from buying other CDs, but I've heard one or two songs off those before. I bought a Sonic Syndicate CD once after coming across one of their songs that I decided I liked and happened to see the CD in the shop...but if I lost it I won't miss it THB.
After liking My Chem's "Black Parade" album, I went out and bought "Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge" off a whim - it's one of my most listened to CDs and their best release IMO.
But if there's one CD that I bought that I had no clue about, it is In Flames "Clayman" album.
I bought Tool's 10,000 Days when it came out after the DJ on the radio was raving about it...I've been in the toolshed ever since
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Vultures by Smile Empty Soul and Dookie by Green Day are the 2 that come to mind. I usually do listen to a bit before I buy these days.
I've done this lots of times - but the poll doesn't let me select that sometimes it's been a good choice and sometimes bad!

I've bought several albums because of the "BP Recommends" column in Bass Player - have only been disappointed once.

I've bought *numerous* albums based on recommendation of my brother and my cousin (he's an awesome guitarist) because we share a similar musical interest.

Hey, if you can't trust family, then who can you trust, right?!

I bought Master of Puppets just cause I thought the cover was cool in 7th grade. Definitely one of my best purchasing decisions and made me pick up a guitar. now that I'm 18, I still look to the mighty Hetfield for guidance.
I've only done it once, and I was a bit disappointed. Only a bit.
It was Ray LaMontagne's Gossip in the Grain. I guess I was expecting a more unique take on folk/country for some dumb reason.
I don't buy music D:

Even if I did, I don't think i'd do that though, because I have a limited range of music that I actually like.

I'd always look it up on youtube or somewhere first.
Bought Relationship of Command on a whim.

Probably the best use of money ever.
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Muse - I was so happy with Absolution I bought Origin without hearing it at all beforehand, and I was very happy.
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Unto the Locust and In Waves. I thought it would be impossible to top The Blackening and Shogun, but nope, they did it.
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Do It Yourself by the Seahorses. £3 from a charity shop, and I approved
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I voted lemons, because I don't buy music >.<

however, I have obtained many albums just from being recommended and I have enjoyed several.
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I haven't and don't think I would. I've bought albums recommended, absolutely, but I've always given them several listens on spotify or whatever before, I wouldn't want to buy something I wouldn't proudly let sit in my cd collection
The way of all flesh from Gojira, love it.
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No never, I have to have at least a listen to one song before buy it apart from alk3s crimson I bought that cause it was only 99c

Yes, plenty of times but it depends on who the recommendation came from. There are some people whose recommendation I would avoid without second thought.

I used to buy metal albums in the 90s based off how sweet their covers were. It was hit or miss. Usually miss.
I've bought albums before I've heard a song off of it before, but I've never bought an album from an artist that I'm not familiar with.
Joe Satriani's Surfing with the Alien. That was NOT 15 bucks well spent.
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Velvet Underground & Nico. Didn't like it very much, but now it's pretty awesome. I'm too stingy with money to take such a risk in buying something i've never heard.
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continuum by john mayer. heard gravity and thought he was awesome, and some of the songs on that album are even more pleasant after i blindingly bought it.

I remember you telling me to get Continuum a few months ago when i asked what i should listen to if i'd not heard John Mayer before. I can't thank you enough.
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