I will soon enough be building a guitar and as all guitars do, It'll be needing some pickups. I'm stuck on the bridge pickup. I've narrowed it down to these two.




Could perhaps anyone in the know and with experience with either of these pickups, enlighten me as to how they'd cope with hair metal.

Strat style guitar
need to be good
and yes they do need to be stacked pickups.

Edit - ARRGH! I feel really silly. The two links were the same. I've sorted it now.
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The main reason I clicked on your post was cause you got a shit load of X's in your name, btw.

I think the hot rails is hotter than the Jeff Beck, so for Def Leppard I'd go for that.

But since hair metal really is mostly about the looks.... the Jeff Beck one looks alot cooler...jus sayin.....
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