I've tried Fn' everything, plugging it in, opening up every bit of recording software I can and changing the settings, changing the setting on the device, putting in, taking out headphones, uninstalling everything and starting again with it and nothiong ****ing works, im honestly about to throw at the frickin' wall. I Have a windows PC with, Audacity, Energy XT2, Mixcraft 5 etc.

How can I get this heap of crap to work?

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Are you following all the instructions from the manual?

Considering it's a Behringer, I wouldn't ignore the possiblity of it being faulty. I've seen many brand-new Behringer items arrive faulty or just not work straight from the store.
It's behringer. Nuff said. You get what you pay for.
It is a shitty device and was thrown away after 3 days of trying to get it to work.

I searched around after and found a good cheap cable if you're looking for usb guitar cable.

Its called Alesis GuitarLink 1/4 to usb and it works great. Hope that helps.

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I would frankly be surprised if something made by Behringer was functioning properly. No joke. Unlike their rep.
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