Hi there, I have the oportunity to buy one for 650 euros, is it worth it? Is it a good guitar? Will I regret buying it (I can save a litle bit more, will I find something better?)
Its a very good price for that guitar at least where I live, I say go for it
While I can't personally say if that is a good deal or not (I'm in the states, don't know how much they cost new), I can tell you that all ESPs and LTDs are generally pretty good. I like them because of how close the LTDs (production line guitars) compare to the ESPs (handmade guitars).

I own a ESP Horizon which is the M series' big brother and if they are remotely similar, you will be satisfied. Since its used, I would still suggest playing it though to make sure everything is ok.

EDIT: Oops, my guitar is the H series' big brother, but the intent of the comment remains the same.
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It's a fine guitar, but obviously it is more suited to shred/metal, but if that is your thing try it out.
Definitely try it out first. The fat neck and compound radius may or may not suit your hands. Other than that, seems a great deal if the condition is good.

Good luck!
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