I always struggling with the rhythm. It's my first time to play along with a recored track and I get out of sync a lot of times. The reasons:
- It was very hard to find a simple song for starting without being tuned away a lot. I'm mostly into prog/tech stuffs and I get nausea from most punk/alternative artist. This was the simplest, even it's have some interesting rhythm. (maybe I should pick a Mudwayne song)
And at a time I couldn't play fast solos and a lot of stuffs having that.
- I have problems with learning from tabs. Only in recent times I started to play songs after hearing, (my other two current project: Death - Crystal Mountain and a guitar cover of the C64 legend, Commando) before that I struggled with the Earmaster, almost didn't worth nothing.

Some suggestions? I can play fast arpeggios perfectly, but having troubles with syncing with songs.

There some other versions recorded, where I make mistakes in other parts.

Equipment used: A PC (not an overpriced Apple ), E-Mu Tracker Pre, Ibanez GRX40 + Sublime Tiger's Roar, GTR3 for amp simulation, Reaper.