Hey guys,

I'm starting to do some work on my explorer starting with pickups. I'm pretty much set putting an Air Norton in the neck but am not sure about the bridge. I'm thinking maybe a Tone Zone or a Crunch Lab. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with these pickup combinations in particular or if you have any other suggestions for me.

I am looking for something versatile but shines with metal (Everything from Maiden to August Burns Red) I'm looking for something ballsy with a tight low end.

I put a crunch lab / liquifire combo in my epi lp and it really shines.
Does metal well but can also pull off cleans very nicely.
Sounds nice with coil split too.

Don't know the Air Norton though.

I have a Tonezone in another guitar but in the neck position, paired with an x2n...
sounded wicked at first, but now sometimes I think it's a tad too much.

I only use that guitar for full on audio assault
The Tone Zone is a pretty dark, beefy pickup. The trebble is rolled off and the lows and mids are boosted. If you wan't something REALLY heavy sounding than that will be okay, but in my opinion a Tone Zone will be a little bit of overkill in a mahogany body. Same with the Crunch lab. Those pickups where designed for use with a bright guitar, so putting them in something dark like a Les Paul would kind of be defeating the purpose.

For a darker guitar, I would go with something on the brighter side, like an Evolution, or a Dactivator. They will give you the all the bass you need, but also have a good 'pop' to them.

Dimarzio.com has sound samples and an EQ listing of all their pickups, also a pickup wizard to help you narrow down the right one.
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