thought it was pretty darn sweet! not a massive fan of the original, but I quite liked this my main criticism would be that, vibrato is very nice, but if overused it just sounds like you're really unsure of what you're playing, you've got the shakes, or you have a really dramatic chorus effect on your tone. it's much more effective when used more sparingly! still very nice though
Great cover! Agree, with above though, i think the chorus made i almost sound a tad flat/sharp, but other than that, great playing! Now on to 'Not Coming Home,' I hope
thanks for the critique! ya there is alot of improvement needed on my lead playing haha. I can never seem to get good tone that cuts through but isn't too distorted. I was shooting for a satriani type tone, but gave up and went with this...
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The tone could use some work as said but the rest is pretty nice!

Also what kind of video editing software do you use?
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I actually really liked the tone and the cover! But one thing that irked me as someone who really loves that song is when the vocal melody was wrong at times. Like, you missed a couple of words - and as someone who habitually sings a long to this it kinda messed with my head a bit

But otherwise, great cover.
thanks everyone! I will check out your covers as soon as I get home from school...youtube is blocked here haha
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btw do you have the tab u used for this cover?? can you please send me a copy?

sorry man i dont, learned it all by ear
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