You dumbed down the rhythm right before the solo, and some of the phrasings were off in the beginning, and the first sort-of run was off. Then the fast bits were all really dirty after that. There was lots of open string noise. Not a great cover, but a good starting point.
You played it ok, the biggest criticism I've got is your phrasing (or lack of it). You play the right notes, but you're not playing them right. Marty's bends and vibrato are very hard to get, and that's what sets him apart from others. Some times there's a half-step pre-bend but you just play the note, which takes away a lot from the solo.

You've got good technical skill but really need to work on your phrasing. Have a look at other peoples covers of tornado of souls and I'd really recommend working on your bending and vibrato. It's something I've been working on for the past few months myself, and it's very VERY hard to have a tasteful, crying vibrato. Much harder than sweeping or shredding at 240bpm I'd say.
Thanks for the replies, they´re really helpful. I do have to work a lot on my phrasing and bends, i´ll put another one once i´m better at it. Thanks