Maybe stop listening to so much slash, and practice playing to a metronome, some of your licks were fairly out of time.

What are you using to record?
Tone wise, it lacks balls, if you're using a single 57, maybe try moving it an inch or two towards the outside of the speaker cone, and double/quad track your rhythm parts, then pan them left and right and try to EQ them to carve out some space for the lead. Maybe even record the lead part on a different pickup, or change the EQ and gain/channel on the amp to get a slightly different tone.
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What do you guys think? How can I improve my playing, and how is the tone?


If you want to improve your playing, visit the "Guitar Techniques" sub forum.
As for tone, I really can't truly say because I have no idea what mic you are using or if you are using your camera's mic. (In which is not doing any justice.)

But I'll crit anyway
Although Rock/Blues isn't my thing, I think it is just fine, but I do have to agree with the post above me about trying to be like Slash.
Tone: Meh, it is missing that punch/pull we all love to hear, therefore it sounds a bit thin.
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