Had some a couple of hours on my hands today so decided to bust out my armoury of rickety equipment once again. It's unfinished at the moment because of my little noise cerfew and I won't be recording again this week, but I was chuffed with what I conjured up so I decided to give it a little upload.

Songs are called Scavenger's Daughter (the one i recorded today) and The Swamp (one i had recorded a few months ago but I dont think I made a thread about it)

Equipment is what I've been using the whole time.

Jackson DK2M > Line 6 Spider II stack > Rock Band Mic > Audacity > Face

The drum machine is Acoustica beatcraft, or as I like to call it, the TinCan-matron

If you can't find much to crit, seeing as Christmas is coming up - what would you suggest me looking into as a very basic, cheap, home recording setup mainly revolving around heavy metal toonz?

and I'll C4C

tl;dr : Got tunes, if you can't be bothered to crit, advice on basic home recording setup for metal on a budget.