Ive always wanted to learn how to play guitar. im really into country music and looking to buy a guitar. I found on online for cheap so i can learn but i heard its the worst thing to do. I dont have much money. The one i was looking at is a 38" Black Acoustic Guitar RBK1. I planned on using this guitar for learning and playing around with till i have enough for a better one. Is this a bad idea.
Cud def use some help and advice plz.
the lower end ones tend to not stay in tune for long, action is high and not adjustable and they sound crappy.. i'd advise waiting just a bit longer, save a little more and get a better one. either way, you'll have to get a tuner or tuner app. the UG tuner app is decent. a lot of people that start out on those give up not because they lose interest but, because of poor equipment . you'll be happier in the long run saving for a 150 dollar guitar. theres a lot of decent ones in that range.
I got a fender squire for 100 bucks and loved it. I did get the action lowered and it made learning and playing a lot easier. It is really frustrating if you try to learn on a bad guitar. One of the reasons I quit the first time around. Good luck
i found a Fender SA-100 for about $100. my uncle said he has used it and it was pretty nice. any suggestions?
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i found a Fender SA-100 for about $100. my uncle said he has used it and it was pretty nice. any suggestions?

is it new or used? If you're buying used, you should google the make and model before you decide what a "good price" is.


That one sells for 100$, probably a little more in a retail store. So buying it new at that price would be a good purchase, but buying it used at that price would be a rip off.

Really though your best bet is to go to a local music store and sit down with as many guitars as you can until one calls to you. How does the neck feel in your hand, how does the body feel resting on your lap. If you're serious about learning you'll be spending a lot of time holding it close so you want to make sure it's comfortable.

I started out playing on a 75$ guitar and it made me frustrated so I quit playing guitar after a month. I didn't pick it up again until 10 years later when I bought an electric guitar off a friend as an impulse buy, and now I look back and wish I had been more selective with my first guitar.
pauldawg1177 my bad didnt realize u put that post up.So it was a good learning guitar?
Yea i do play on goin and trying out that guitar first before actually buying it. I am just looking for a little advice on the guitars i am looking at.
You have to strike a balance. No point buying something really good and expensive then deciding you don't want to play guitar 3 months later. On the other hand, no point buying something really shit and giving up 3 days later. Strike a balance. If you've got a friend with a guitar, it helps if they will let you use it or even borrow it. Then you can decide if you want to learn or not.

If that's not an option, then Fender make some good acoustics. We own a Fender Electro-Acoustic that cost around £300 and I still play it every day to this day.
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pauldawg1177 my bad didnt realize u put that post up.So it was a good learning guitar?

Sorry, I hadn't checked back in a while. I actually really like that guitar. I got the action lowered and that really helped. I would suggest you do that. Also, it is good to go to the store and mess around or even have the guys at the store play a couple for you. It is funny because it was a good learning guitar. I am still playing that same guitar over 2 years later. I am actually saving up for a new guitar and I am going to make that guitar my campfire don't care if it might get knocked over or dirty guitar. Do check the guitar out etc. They brought me the same model and it had rough, almost sharp points on some of the frets. Good luck with it