Ok so i'm building me and my mate clones of a rat and the foxx tone machine. i wanted to some graphics on it.

What would be a good cheap way to do this?

I was told that printing on transparency (the stuff used for overhead projectors) and then gluing on and then covering with clear coat might work. Anyone tried this or have any reason why this won't work.

There's a few graphic design websites that allow you to upload your own image and have it shipped to you as a sticker or decal. I've even seen a couple places in the local mall that do it. If you want to go a cheaper route, try printing out the image on some quality paper then laminate it. Clear coat it onto the pedal (the hardest step is keeping the graphic still). I hope this helps!
You can buy waterslide paper to use in a computer printer. I would design the graphic (too many programs you could use to name) and print it.
i thought about the paper then laminate but the colours and image will fade pretty quickly on paper. might look up a decal of some sort though. cheers mate.
photo printing paper, probably $1 a A4 sheet. This is a guess, probably cheaper.

waterslide decal paper, $4 a A4 sheet. This is what it cost me in NZ, you may find it cheaper.

dunno how quick the colors will fade with photo paper though;

If its laser printer its gonna last far longer than inkjet.
Yeah i'll print it on the laser printer at work. the decal paper is pretty expensive and i don't think i wall use that much of it so its a bit of a waste of money. probably end up doing the whole transparency thing and using supplies from me or my mates office.