Hi all-

So here's my issue: when using distortion, i'm having some shrieking feedback. Not anything to do with the strings vibrating, but an independent feedback loop between the amp and pickups. I'll outline my rig (the important parts) below:

1970 Guild S-100... this is similar to an SG, but not really a copy. it's got some really solid humbuckers in it, the stock in the neck, and a Dimarzio Super Distortion in the bridge
FrankenTele... Schaller active single coil in the neck, some kind of passive hot rails style humbucker in the bridge (single coil sized)

Boss DS-1
EH Big Muff Pi

also, I use a Boss Bass Chorus on a lot of my leads (to add some shimmer and cut to the distortion), and that makes the problem worse

Carvin XV-212 (100-watt, 2x12 combo- I use the amp distortion)

Any suggestions on how to fix this problem? ask anything you need, i'll answer as best i can.