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What made you choose your instrument from guitar to drums what was the thing that made you say " I want to learn that instrument"

For me I choosed Guitar because for some reason Bass it's to boring and drums won't be good in my house, with a guitar I could chill
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synyster gates

im the ultimate a7x fanboy come at me h8rs
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I first wanted to play drums but my mother said no and got me a guitar and lessons. But I'm glad I stuck with guitar
i sucked at guitar and was just going to sing or play bass intill i saw angus playing for those about to rock then i got my freaking lightspeed boost of inspiration and now im epic at guitar just don't make me play over 300 beats per minute
In 6th grade I was playing Sax in band but I got a cyst on my throat that was caused by the stress of playing it (apparently, that's what the doctor told me but most sources tell me that's pretty bullshit), but I loved music so I wanted to play an instrument that I wouldn't need to blow into or anything. I had a drummer friend and a bassist friend so it was kind of obvious that I'd get a guitar.

To this day, we three have never played together.
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I started to get lessons when I was little but quit after a while. But then, I hate to admit it, but Guitar Hero got me to pick up the axe again and start learning some songs. And here I am.
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synyster gates

im the ultimate a7x fanboy come at me h8rs

That's okay, you'll grow out of it.

For me; Poontang.
On playing the Paul Gilbert signature at the guitar store extensively, my missus sighed:
"Put it down now, It's like you love that guitar more than me!"
In Which I replied.
"Well it has got two F-Holes!"
Growing up my dad would always play his acoustic guitars. In 3rd grade the school started a guitar club type thing after school once a week and I would go. In 6th grade i got an electric for xmas. Im not in 10th grade in a band and just really love to play

EDIT: I also love a7x
I was in the 7th grade and for the pass two years I had just been getting into music consisting of mostly metal with great guitarists (A7X also). In 5th grade all the way to the end of 6th grade I had been hooked on Guitar Hero's 2 & 3 thinking I was cool until finally a friend of mine bagged on me because I couldn't play a real guitar. Playing guitar always seemed like the coolest thing in the world to me so I stole my sisters electric and took lessons at my middle as an elective. Here I am now working to become a succesful musician.

No Giuitar Hero doesn't make you better as a real guitarist but it does promote guitar playing and I respect it for that reason.
Guitar hero and Rockband is the reason they got me to listen to rock and kinda learn guitar
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Got lessons when I was young (8ish) from a drunken piano player. Eventually stopped when he drunk dialed my Mom.

Got a groupon for 5 guitar lessons when I was 25. Still didn't really get into it or click with my teacher. Somehow about a week after the groupon lessons ran out something clicked in me that caused me to go on a berserker spree of guitar teachers (went through another 3 before I found "the one" and over the top practice. This luckily coincided with my live-in girlfriend having to move out of the city for school (she'll be back!) which allowed me to continue practicing ~4 hours a day (not bad for a dude with a full time engineering job).

My interest waned a little relative to its fever pitch. And then I discovered Guthrie Govan and had to change my pants.
Metal Harbor from Sonic Adventure 2. I was thinking one day, I would like to play guitar. My parents got me a starter kit and I was on my way.

Hmm. That was an uneventful story.
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Growing up all that was played in my house was swedish pop songs. Nothing i really enjoyed.

Then one day my older brother (Who had moved out when i was 4) came to visit and he gave me some mix CD's with different artists. Metallica, megadeth, dream theater, In flames, Lamb of god etc.

I heard the big ass guitars and i just thought "That is what i want to do!".

And now i listen to most guitar oriented music and some other sorts aswell. And working on transposing piano music to guitar. It's a great ride for my 3 years of playing so far.
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I never chose it.... chose me.

Seriously, from a young age already (like maybe 6 or 7) guitar just always appealed to me for some reason. Maybe it was because not so long ago the radio was mostly pumping stuff like Nirvana and Blur (that's kinda hard to believe now). Then I turned 13, just a random dude with no hobbies or too many interests, and my sister appealed to my mom for me to get a hobbie of sorts. So guitar it was. Got a cheap classical and it went from there. Little did we know that I just had a serious knack for music and I progressed one hell of a quickly (but I'm lazy now).
I went to buy some sheet music for a singing audition. My friend, who was with me, said it'd be cool to learn guitar. So we did.

Shit story, but it showed how important a teacher can be. We started at the same time and I got lessons, whereas he didn't. I quickly surpassed my friend in skill.
Listened to Iron Maiden for very long sessions and realized just listening was not providing enough satisfaction. So I picked up an electric and started my journey.

Also some of my friends told me it can help pick-up chicks ..
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synyster gates

im the ultimate a7x fanboy come at me h8rs

I second that! And chicks, and headbanging.......And probably getting layed (has yet to work)
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I grew up on the East part of Canada and my father played the Fiddle for Acadian music. When my sister left home my father gave me an acoustic guitar at around 9 years old. When I was 14 my brother bought me a Fender Telecaster. I bought myself a Less Paul Junior and tried a couple after that:
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Right now I use a PRS Santana SE. Not an expensive guitar but the one I like the best. Stopped playing the 335 since I bought it. I'm sold on PRS.
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I never chose it.... chose me.

Damn, beaten to it.
I used to hang out a "Book store" after school in Jr High. It was part of coffee shop lots of musicians and artist and generally a slacker hang out. I picked up s really beat up old silver tone and a teach yourself guitar by Wolf Marshal. So It wasn't so much me picking guitar as there was a guitar and book...
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Playing One on GH3, no regrets. It's been 3 years I can play the song for real and that video game changed my life. Props to people who got inspired by it.

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The first time I ever heard Metallica's - Creeping Death is what inspired me to pick it up. Best decision ever.
piano was my childhood dream, i've tried learning for four years, classical music. I was unaware of anything pop, mainstream and such, I listened to no songs except instrumental/anime. One day I came across punk rock, the Hell Song, I never heard the beauty of electric guitar before and I was so captivated I decided to try to learn it. I don't like rock now, actually metal more but, ..haha.

Well anywho, I still pretty much suck. But since this thread's just about choosing.. haha. I've been neglecting my piano recently :|
When I was 13, I discovered Yngwie Malmsteen. Now, I'd been messing around with the guitar a little before Yngwie, playing Iron Maiden riffs and a few solos, but when I first heard Blitzkrieg, I realised that I wanted that kind of speed at my disposal, and I worked my arse off. Of course, this was before I got into dating and all that rubbish, so I'd spend nearly ten hours a day playing guitar. A year later, I could play Blitzkrieg, and now, nearly 4 years later, I'm in an incredibly promising Symphonic Metal, and still using my Yngwie influences as a base for my playing.
When I was young I always listened to my parents old records. Everything from classical to led zepplin. Always loved Jimmy Page. Of course, had tons of stuff like Chicago, Boston, Journey and of course the Beatles. That led me to the Grateful Dead and was always amazed at how Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir (my hero) always melded their playing together.

Was 13 at a friends house playing mega man on his Nintendo. We were trading off playing and he had a Peavey Patriot that I would mess around on. He didn't ever play it so he sold it to me for $50. I beat it all to the end of world and back. (reconditioning it now)

My parents knew a guy that had played for years and was out of work and he took me on as a student. He was big into SRV and Clapton so I immediately got a lot of blues influence.

Got a Yamaha electric acoustic shortly after and a Fender American Strat with piezo pickup installed for my 18th.

Later I really got into Turntables and electronic music during the height of the rave scene. Though I used the guitar to write melodies for some electronic tracks. I put down the tables to an extent for a wife, kids and a "real" job. Picked the guitar back up off and on. Throw in some harmonica and bad piano/keyboard playing. Now, that I have a little time on my hands, getting back into guitar a lot more and looking at getting a mandolin.

I'm much better DJ than guitarist, but Guitar is still my baby.
My dad had an accoustic guitar when I was a kid that I would mess around with. I would play simple things like 'Mary Had a Little Lamb' and 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.'

Then in 5th grade I was introduced to orchestra instruments. That's where I learned about the viola, an instrument I had never heard of before at the time, but was similar to the violin. I played that through high school, then set it aside and didn't play anything for quite a few years.

When I got married, I decided to pick up a cheap viola on Ebay to play for my wife a bit. I played around with that again off and on, but got bored when I realized that it was a lot more fun when playing with a full orchestra. Plus I think the wife got tired of hearing me play and I usually ended up locking myself in a room to not disturb her as much.

A few years ago, I picked up Ravin' Rabids for the Wii, and there was a mini-game that seemed a bit like guitar hero without the guitar. I had fun with that so decided to pick up guitar hero, then later rock band. I played that for awhile with my wife, her brother and his wife. That was fun for awhile until I started to think that all the time I put in to trying to play the plastic guitar could be spent learning a real guitar. So I picked up my first electric guitar, a Squier Strat Affinity.

I spent awhile on that. It was better than the viola because I could find more interesting guitar tab books that were fun to play. I learned a number of the basic chords and could play misc riffs, but never really learned many songs all the way through. I later got a bass guitar and also learned some stuff on that. Despite being fun, I lost interest a bit. I tried a couple of times to play along with the actual tracks, but usually got lost and frustrated trying to figure out where to pick up again. Eventually, both guitars got set aside in a back bedroom to only be picked up occasionally.

About a month ago, I picked up Rocksmith. Since then I've been playing my Squier every day for 1-2 hours (or sometimes 4-5 on the weekends.) It's got me interested again. It's fun to be able to play along with the songs, and it's been really challenging me. I've even been looking into upgrading my Squier at some point and lurking in forums like this one. Will my current interest last? Who knows? I can say that I'm having more fun now than I ever have before, so I think it'll last longer than my other brief affairs with the guitar.

Anyway, probably more than anyone wanted to know, but that's my musical background.
I started playin the piano when I was around 4 or 5 .. apparently I played a little bit at someones wedding when I was like 7 .. but I don't remember.

At the same time, around 7 y/o .. my uncle found an old shit black guitar in his closet and just gave it to me, but I didn't touch it til I was like 12, my sister bought home a boyfriend one time who played guitar and he taught me some shit, I thought he was cool as **** so I decided to learn.
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I literally woke up one morning and decided "i want to play guitar." this was right around the time the Australian government in an attempt to stave off economic collapse, released a stimulus package.

I got $900.00 of my own taxes back and spent most of it on a guitar and amp package.
When i was younger my cousin would come down and play stuff on guitar. Being a huge music fan at my young age i would say "WOH! TEACH ME!" and hence i got started on electric guitar.
always wansted to learn but was too embarrassed to ask my parents. finally got a friend to teach me, weve been jamming ever since.
the proximate causes? girls girls girls
needed a hobbie after getting sick of playing tennis,it was either drums or guitar and for some reason i chose guitar,got lessons for the first couple years and have played ever since,really starting the reap the rewards.
I've liked music with guitars in it since I can remember. Then when I was 12, one of my friends got me Doomsday Machine by Arch Enemy. I'd already considered picking up the guitar before then, but the first time I heard the brothers Amott play all those tasty riffs and licks, I was just so blown away I had to get a guitar.
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No More Tears - Ozzy

At that time my parents did not have cable, heck cable usually was not available where i was at the time, this was early 1990s, either 91 or 92...a friend recorded the video off MTV with Pauly Shore(MTV VJ at that time) introducing the song by crying over a bowl of onions! i was forever hooked on the Guitar!
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