I'm looking for a good shoegazey tremolo. I've heard great things about the Earthquaker Devices Hummingbird, but I'd ideally like to get a tremolo that can do both a hard chop as well as more subtle sounds. My ideal would be getting the tremolo sound similar to Yo La Tengo's "Decora". I used to have a Lovepedal Babyface tremolo, and that fit the bill for both, but it was too frustrating not having external depth and volume controls, so I ended up trading it for something else altogether. Any suggestions?
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get a boss TR-2 cheap used. get it modded by someone. wuth a bit of love the TR-2 is one of the better trems out there.

modded you say..
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modded you say..

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Boss PN-2 is THE classic shoegaze tremolo. Although that's mostly because it was really the only trem pedal on the market in the late 80's/early 90's. Pricey though.


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