I'm getting a bit tired of using my microphone for recording tracks with. I've been looking at some guitar and amp cables to plug into a computer. There's a ton out there, though I'd like to get some input and recommendations from the people here. I'm more into looking at amp cables, though I'm not sure if it matters if I used one specifically for guitars, unless I'm wrong if there is a difference. I'm mostly looking at the cheap ones, but I'll be sure to look through others if they're good. I've already have a bunch of recording software like Audacity and Sony Acid, so there's no need if it's some pack with some recording software. I usually make do with what I have.
What you need is a USB audio interface. This will let you plug a guitar, amp or mic into the PC. You can get them as cheap as $10.

Check out Amplitube 3 Free for some excellent free amp software.