ssooo I'm building a pedalboard, and i bought some pedals. The problem is, i realized that my amp doesn't have an effects loop, It's a roland cube 40.
so my question is, is it ok if i run all these pedals through the front:
8 band EQ
nano metal muff
It's fine. The only pedal I'd personally want in an fx loop out of those is the EQ, but it has a purpose (albeit slightly different) infront of the amp as well.
All pedals can be placed anywhere really, they just produce different effects depending on where they are placed in the chain.
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Sure, only reason not to is if they cause a problem. Most will just cause a slight loss of tone, so too many of them results in poor tone. Half a dozen is usually no big problem for most players. You'd die laughing if you saw how many I have stacked up just to see if they worked.
Holy crap IbanezBossShred......I just clicked on your boss pedals link...........u got a life?! JK! How long u been working on it?
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Ummm, most of that was from two trips to GC. And NO, I don't have a life, unless you consider collecting gee-tar gear a lifestyle.

eww, boss.

TS, get a new amp.

I'm not even sure why you need two distortion pedals or a tuner for that amp
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