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Yeah so I kinda just sat down and wrote this today, I guess the biggest influences on me at the time were lamb of god, darkest hour, sybreed, story of the year, and symphony x.

It's definitely a work in progress, with lots of sections that need to be written still (like a chorus and some other stuff), as well as arranging things to be taken care of. Also I haven't even begun writing the keyboard parts (which will be involved since thats what I'm actually going to be playing). Also, some of the drums, vocals, and guitar II have yet to be written. Overall I'd say this song is around 50% done

thoughts? criticisms? on the music and arranging as well as lyrics c4c!!
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Hey there

Clean fade in - Well, this is different. Somewhat medieval. Nice riff and melodies.

Enter Metulz - Well, it's a really common way to begin a song with that open C power chord with the riff being played a little on the background, and the drums are really common too. It's not bad, but it could be changed and worked a little in a way that it doesn't sound general.

Verse - I like the riff, and since the vocals are muted notes I suppose they will be screamed. Anyway, it would be cool if you put the notes in it. Also, I think the drums are a bit lacking here... maybe it's my imagination I guess. You could put some bass too, it sounds a bit empty without it in my opinion.

Dubstep Mosh? - I didn't like it much. That type of riff is way over-used IMO. Anyway, there isn't much riff nowadays that doesn't sounds like another

?? - This sounded really strange, especially bars 28-29. Don't know if you will keep that pre-something that way, but I would take off those bars, or change the riff, because it didn't fit there. I'm not too fond of breakdowns too, so I guess I am a little biased here xD

Breakdown - Well, like I said, I don't like breakdowns... And I didn't like this one. Maybe it's because I am really tired of hearing drop-C and drop-D songs with open string chugging... I guess you could try something different here.

That last riff (build-up or something) - The synth sounded a bit strange, but it's okay, I guess. The riff is different from the rest of the song, I like it.

Well, overall, the song is good, just a bit generic on the metal part. I guess when you finish it it will sound a lot better.Also, sorry if I can't help much... I got a headache today and I can't think much clearly

Anyway, if you wanna C4C - www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1489244