I have had corrosion issues with just about every guitar I have ever owned. I bought an ESP standard eclipse with "gold" hardware and in less than a year, the knobs, tuning keys, and especially the bridge, are very corroded. Has anyone had this issue and was able to solve it some how? I also go through strings far quicker than anyone I have ever seen. I payed a lot for my esp so I do take care of it. I wipe it off after EVERY use. But it still happens. And I can forget about using Floyd rose. With all the small parts, they are just a rusty,corroded mess within a year. Maybe some kind of lubricant? I don't know, just wanted to hear if someone has fixed this issue before I go testing it on my replacement hardware Im getting for my eclipse. Thanks in advance...
Have you washed your hands before every use? Gold hardware loses color far too quickly, that's why I like Chrome hardware a bit more. Still shiny, but doesn't show corrosion as quickly as gold hardware does. If you find that your arms sweat a lot, you might want to do something about it.
Also, where do you put your guitar after use? How often do you use some sort of polishes to clean the parts on your guitar?
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My guitar is cased after every show. My tech wipes it off before he cases it though. And he put a couple extra humidity packs in the case too, but it didn't help. And it's not just the gold hardware. It's the black, And chrome as well. The gold was definitely The worst though. It's not just discolored. It's corroded really bad. I do sweat a lot on stage, and use thick lack wrist bands to keep the sweat from coming down onto the hardware. But it still gets a bit on the guitar. Even the tuning keys are starting to pit out. Would a quick spray and wipedown of wd40 or something before installing the new ones help at all?
I also try to give my guitars an extra cleaning every couple weeks. Sometimes there's not much to do on the road so I grab one or two guitars and really clean the heck out of them.
I've run into the same issues with a friend of mine. I can put new stings on his guitar and play it for weeks with no corrosion at all on the strings. He'll play it one night and the strings look a couple months old they corrode so bad. Something about his body chemistry I guess.
I definitely think it's something to do with my body chemistry. It's the same exact deal with me as what your saying. My friends wouldn't let me play they're guitars when we were young! I think maybe a thin layer of WD40 .
Don't use WD40. It may seem okay right away, but you'll find that all it does it build up into a grimy mess and attract dirt.
It may seem a bit extreme, but i think it would be needed in your case. maybe look into using a non-abrasive metal polish/protector before and after each gig.
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WD-40 wouldn't work anyway. We've been wiping his strings down before and after with gun oil. It corrodes just as fast.
Have you taken an honest look at your salt intake. Because sodium is highly corrosive. Just ask anyone that lives on a seacoast.
The owner of the guitar I'm having issues with has tubular sclerosis and takes a lot of meds for it. I'm thinking that is what causes his sweat to be corrosive.